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VoIP telephone System in Johannesburg

VoIP telephone system Johannesburg

How your Business can Save up to 68% with a VoIP telephone System in Johannesburg?

Changing to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) from a traditional landlines is an absolute must for your Business these days.

No matter the size of your business, there are may advantages with this cost effective technology that you simply can’t miss out on.

From excellent call quality and clarity to being more reliable,  An internet connection is all you need to get going for a VoIP Phone system in Johannesburg.

Why a VoIP telephone System is ideal for your business in 2022? 

Excellent Call Quality

No more “Can you say that again” to “thanks for your business”

Experience amazing call quality with a VoIP telephone system in Johannesburg along with the convenience your business deserves. No more downtime or stolen cables. No more time spent with the operators to fix ongoing problems.

Cost Saving

Save up to 60% in your monthly phone bills by changing to a VoIP telephone system.

Make Calls to any cell network and save even more to normal land lines.

Keep your Existing Number with flexible options thereafter

Portable and super easy to use options available if you decide to move locations (no need to worry about phone lines etc) 

Ability to manage your spending as you purchase airtime upfront.

NO Long Term Contracts

With a VoIP telephone system in you have affordable Month to month so you can cancel anytime.

You wont have to deal with HellKom again!


IPPBX VoiP Phone System in Johannesburg Features

The IPPBX VoIP telephone system will give your business much more than just a normal telephone. 

This VoIP Phone System / Solution gives you the ability to connect practically all parts of your office like phone, emails and fax in one complete communication system.  

With this level of communication, your business is sure to gain the edge.

Complete Messaging

Have calls sent to your Email so you never miss a message.

Call Forwarding

Have calls forwarded to your cellphone (or any number). This way you are sure to never to miss a call.

Up to 20 Users

Connect All of your staff members as with entry level IPPBX it can handle up to 20 users and 8 concurrent calls.  

Call Reports

A VoiP phone system has easy to view reports for all calls along with detailed statistics. Record Calls as well if you wish. 

What other VoIP Phone System User have Said?

VoIP Telephone System in Johannesburg

Feel Free to give us a CALL or Contact us and experience how a VoIP telephone system in Johannesburg can save you time and money. 

Added Information for your VoIP telephone System in Johannesburg

What Internet do I need?

Your VoIP phone system will work with practically ANY decent speed internet connection in todays time. 

If you on any LTE network, fiber or equivalent, you’re good to go.

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